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my Name is Nils Busch and I create knives for hunting, fishing, cooking or whatever it is needed. What started as a hobby has become a passion within a short time. Studying and acquiring old techniques and finishing them in a modern design is my inspiration and claim at the same time. That's why I use carbon steel, local woods, horn and fossil materials for most of my knives. The patina that such a knife puts on by tarnishing of the steel is not a flaw, it shows the high value of the tool.


Each knife has an individual purpose and owner. That is why it is important for me to understand what you intend to do with the knife and what is important to you. The knife should fit to you and only together we can do that.


All the knives I make are handmade and customized. The materials needed are also selected individually, suitable for the purpose and owner. In the end, everything must mesh perfectly.


I am happy for every knife that is picked up personally. Under special circumstances, I have also made myself on the way. Otherwise I send the goods only insured packages.

Grinding, knifemaking, blade, bladeschmith


If you need inspiration for a future knife or just want to see what I've built in the past, check it out here. But remember, I never build the same knife a second time.


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bladesmith, grinding, detailwork, blade making


You know what you want and just need someone to make it happen? Call me. But if you are still unsure - no problem. I'm also happy to advise you on material, time and budget.
The knife we develop together should get the time it needs.

«Always do things right.

This will gratify some people

and astonish the rest.»


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